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IMG_0326To provide culturally appropriate and clinically effective diabetes management to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people through the use of Point-of-Care Testing (POCT) for HbA1c and urine ACR that is conducted under a quality management framework.


To deliver a POCT model for the management of diabetes which is culturally and clinically effective in the Indigenous medical service setting and analytically sound in Indigenous hands.


  • To deliver a culturally appropriate education and training program for teaching Aboriginal health workers (and other health professionals) to be competent POCT operators in their community setting.
  • To deliver a quality management framework for maintaining the analytical quality of POCT results generated by the DCA device used in Indigenous medical services.
  • To provide a range of on-going support services to Indigenous POCT operators and their medical services to ensure the program remains efficient and sustainable.
  • To gather evidence from both qualitative and quantitative research outcome measures to assess the cultural and clinically effectiveness of POCT as a mode of health service delivery for Indigenous patients with diabetes.