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Dear Participants,

In 2013 the QAAMS Program introduced dual reporting units for HbA1c quality testing results. This was in response to the introduction of the new measuring unit for HbA1c (mmol/mol) in Australia, with an intended phasing out of the old (%) unit. Since then the uptake of the new unit, both in the clinical and laboratory setting across Australia, has been low. Patient results continue to be reported in the old % units, with patients, healthworkers and doctors using the % results for diabetes diagnosis and management.

After consultation with the QAAMS Leaders Team and the QAAMS Medical Liaison Officer, Dr David Dunn, it has been decided that from 1 July 2020 QAAMS will use % units only for HbA1c results. We have updated our resources to reflect this change.

From July you will need to enter your HbA1c quality testing results (Quality Control and Quality Assurance) in % units (not mmol/mol).

If you need further clarification or assistance please call the QAAMS Help Desk on 08 8201 7555 or email

Kind regards

Anne Shephard

QAAMS Program Assistant Manager