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QAAMS Program Artwork

Jasmine Sarin's Artwork

In 2011 Jasmine Sarin, a contemporary Aboriginal artist from Illawarra, NSW, was commissioned by the QAAMS Management Team to prepare a unique piece of artwork depicting the QAAMS Program.

Jasmine created a vibrant and evocative artwork that tells the story of QAAMS and its supporting role in diabetes care in Aboriginal communities. The artwork was unveiled by Jasmine at the 2011 Annual QAAMS Workshop in Adelaide and her QAAMS artwork can be seen throughout the QAAMS Program training resources.

Read Jasmine's words about the background to this artwork

Diabetes has a long history in Aboriginal Health. This artwork shows how people and places support each other in health and how healing is not just reliant upon the individual but rather upon the networks of the individual; whether it be family, friends, work, or programs.

Healing is everyone's business. That's what Aboriginal health is founded upon. Community is the backbone to developing any programs around health and quality of care and as such is the centre of this artwork. Connecting from this backbone are the Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services that provide support, promote wellbeing and are often the first point of call for healing. When we are ill the various systems in our bodies respond together, they work collaboratively.

In our communities we often collaborate with other agencies and organisations to effectively address health problems; this is the basis for the Quality Assurance Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Medical Service (QAAMS) Program which provides point-of-care testing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

This support network is shown in the form of meeting circles and clusters of circles surrounding the meeting place. Amongst all of this are the healing places which are surrounded and protected by networks in the community. These connect to everything in the artwork which builds strength, support and unity for better Aboriginal health.

Jasmin's Artwork