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How to join

When you have scored 10/10 on the checklist questions and your service has a DCA Vantage or Atellica DCA. Complete the QAAMS enrolment form.

IMG 0064Quick enrolment facts:

  • There is NO enrolment fee
  • The enrolment form must be signed by your Director/CEO
  • You can enrol in either or both the HbA1c and urine ACR programs
  • You can enrol more than one DCA Vantage or Atellica DCA.

QAAMS training

Your POCT operator(s) must undertake QAAMS training before commencing POCT.

The QAAMS training co-ordinator will contact you to organise the most appropriate and timely training option for your service, once we have received your enrolment form.

Your start-up QAAMS resource package

Once you have commenced training you will be sent a FREE start-up resource package. This package includes:

  • a training manual
  • a set of posters
  • a USB preloaded with training videos
  • a Quality Assurance kit and associated paperwork.

Participants will need to purchase Quality Control kits direct from Siemens Healthcare using the QAAMS order form.