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    • QAAMS is a long-standing, well-established and successful national health program for First Nations Peoples that has been continuously funded by the Australian Government since 1999.
    • QAAMS provides training for Aboriginal health professionals in the use of point-of-care testing (POCT) on the DCA Vantage and supports the use of the DCA with a world-class quality management framework.
    • We have a proven track record. There is a strong evidence base gathered over many years that validates POCT for diabetes diagnosis and management under the QAAMS Program.
    • QAAMS:
    • Has been well-accepted by clinicians, Aboriginal health professionals and clients with diabetes
    • Provides a convenient, accessible, culturally and clinically effective service
    • Has contributed to improved health outcomes for both individual clients and groups of clients with diabetes
    • Delivers POCT that is analytically sound 
    • Works effectively, and is adaptable across services in urban, rural and remote locations and in Aboriginal health services with small, medium and large infrastructures.
    • As an active QAAMS participant, you will have access to:
    • QAAMS specific Medicare rebates for both HbA1c and ACR for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients is available to GPs registered under the specialty code 601
    • On-going training support and updates
    • Opportunities to participate in the annual QAAMS Workshop
    • Regular reports on the analytical quality of your DCA Vantage device
    • A range of support services from the QAAMS Management Team and QAAMS National Leadership Forum
    • Regular newsletters
    • Full access to the QAAMS website
    • Opportunities to network with other Aboriginal health professionals and health services from across the country to share information and build supportive relationships.