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What we do

Education, Training and Competency Assessment


All POCT operators take part in formal training, provided by the QAAMS Management Team, to learn about:

  • The theory of POCT
  • How to conduct POCT on clients with diabetes
  • How to perform regular quality checks on the performance of the DCA Vantage device.

A training resource package is also provided, which includes a training manual and supporting posters.

The Australian Government requires all trainees to undertake written and practical competency assessment. Once this has been completed trainees receive a certificate of competency as a trained POCT operator which is valid for 2 years. POCT must only be conducted by qualified and trained operators.

The QAAMS Program provides a variety of training opportunities for enrolled participants:

  • On-site training for individual Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander medical services (or groups of services from a similar geographic region)
  • An annual QAAMS training workshop
  • Webex training
  • Training by videoconference
  • Training videos available online or via USB