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Training Application

Application for QAAMs POCT Operator Training

Operator training for QAAMS is only available to staff at enrolled health centers and this training
application must be authorized by a health centre manager or equivalent.

Privacy Policy

The information provided by you in this form or learning management system is being collected by, or on behalf of, Flinders University's International Centre for Point-of-Care Testing ("the Centre") and its collection, use and storage will be governed by Flinders Privacy Policy. The information you provide will be used by the Centre to: a) facilitate your education and training, b) report required de-identified metrics to State, Territory and Federal Governments that have funded this project and c) report required identifiable metrics to program coordinators for quality management purposes. Please contact the Centre team if you require further information.

 User Consent

By completing this form or logging onto the learning management system, I consent to the Centre collecting and using the information contained in this form for the purposes set out above and subject to the Flinders Privacy Policy.

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Role Selection

Manager/Supervisor Authorisation

I authorise the applicant to receive operator training for the POCT device selected

Register your interest

If you would like to register your interest in other POCT training programs at the International Centre for Point-of-Care Testing, please specify below. We will pass your request onto the relevant team(s). Please note, these programs may not be available at your health centre. Check enrolment status with your health centre manager before registering your interest. Note that operator training may only proceed if your Health Service is enrolled in these programs.